10-12th Aug. - Summer Tropical Beats 09-13th Nov. - Prague Kizomba Festival

Welcome on board

Balumuka Prague Kizomba Festival believes Kizomba ,Semba and Kuduro is not merely a dance to come together and have fun but its also about family, friends, events of a society, culture and protecting it.

Balumuka rests on the roots of Angola which is connected and apart of the Kongo Kingdom before Portuguese colonization. Robert F. Thompson, author of such books, “Black Gods and Kings,”African Art in Motion,” “Tango,” said it best, “Kongo dances were schools of being that taught ethics, art, spirituality, and self defense and unless we steep ourselves in their nuance and variety, we will never understand Central African Roots.” which we believe we must always remember when we bless the floor with Kizomba, Semba, and Afro …….



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Workshop Schedule

Prague Kizomba Festival Prague Kizomba Festival Registration »

9th - 12th November 2018

Let's celebrate Angolan culture at the 7th BALUMUKA Kizomba Festival 2018!!
 Our main goal is to present you with authenticity of Angolan culture through music and dance.

- Master Classes and Pre- Party

- Tourism & Dance workshops

- Art Instalation and Fashion Shows

We have the "secret recipe" that make your ginga spicy and sexy!

Summer Tropical Beats / 10-12th Aug.

Summer Tropical Beats

Naplavka - Summer Tropical BEATS

You don't want to miss this catchy cocktail of different tropical rhythms from Angola, Brazil, Cuba, Caribbean, USA and more. Tropical Summer Beats 2018 gives you a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and learn more about other cultures through music and dance!!


You want to play?!?!


We will Introduce to you a variety of Angolan and Africa childhood games such as: 35 Victories, Garrafeinha, Jump Rope and many more.

All of this with the support of our teachers and of course YOU!! On Friday, Saturday and Sunday enjoy dance workshops with our internationally renowed instructors as they lead in you in various dance styles like, Kuduro, Hip Hop, Street, Afro, Dancehall, Azonto, Kizomba, Salsa and many more... All this fun while enjoying the weather and socializing by partaking in the garden for your sunbathing needs, the swimming pool, and eating as much as you like with some food on the grill all the while vibing to the music!!

It will be a GREAT GREAT time!!

Weekend Program

Weekend Program

The full program is currently being confirmed and detailed info of it will be published during the summer months.
The festival program starts already as early as ..
Open Air Dance Workshops
▶︎ Open Air Dance Workshops
▶︎ Live drums & Art performance
▶︎ BBQ + Dj live show and animations
▶︎ Balumuak Games (African games (Played by all participants childrens and adultus) and moore...
▶︎ Dance workshops (Kuduro, DanceHall, Zouk, HipHop, AfroHouse, Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba)

Buy you Full pass now

KIDS under 12 eyers old FREE ENTRY ;)
Full pass : 65 €/1691 CZK (access to all parties and workshops)
Party Pass: 40 €/1042CZK (access to all parties day and night parties)
DAY PASS 15 €/400 CZK (Fri. Sat. or Sun. Day & Night party)
Day party pass: 6 €/150 CZK (access to a party which starts at 6pm to 9pm)
Night party: 10 €/ 250 CZK


Buy your full pass now!!!


Prague Kizomba Festival / 09-13th Nov.

Prague Kizomba Festival

Dance Workshops

Dance Workshops

A warm and pleasant welcome!!!

Our festival above all else seeks to enlighten you of the culture of Angola – the birthplace of the KIZOMBA – We believe that, by broadening your knowledge of the cultural roots of the dance, it will make for a better understanding of the basic principle of KIZOMBA, the dance and the music that will set all participants on the right footing for SEMBA, the dance.


ARTISTS: Arnold Bunda (CMR), Mestre Petchu(AGO), Lionel & Vanessa (FR) Jamba & Lili (AGO/CZ), Mike Agbevenou (TGO), Mauro D-one (AGO) Pablo Nzo (AGO), Tomas Keita (GMB), and more... Dj‘s: Carlos King (PT), Bc Imortal (AGO) & Erik (CZ)

African Fashion Show a Gala Night

African Fashion Show a Gala Night

Balumuka celebrates and reflects colorful diversity, heritage, and spirit of African tradition and culture here in the city of Prague where fashion and kizomba
dance complements one another.
Balumuka proudly presents fashion show with new and talented fashion designer Stella Atal (Uganda).



DJ and musicality workshop

DJ and musicality workshop

DJ’ing and Musicality – a perfect class for those who want to learn more about the specifics of Kizomba, Semba, Kuduro and other Angolan rhythms. We’ll show you how to assess the work of DJ’s and how to appreciate their shows (WORK) more. All of this will be served to you in the most pleasant form by our BALUMUKA DJ’s

To be a good dancer is important to understand the music which we are dancing on.
This workshop is designed for everyone who would like to understand the basic concepts of mixing and knowledge of Dj program and technics.

Balumuka Film Day

Balumuka Film Day

This year for the first time Prague Kizomba Festival will inaugurate with African movies screening. This way we will have an opportunity to show more of Angolan and African culture. On Saturday afternoon we invite You to watch best african movies and get to know more about African culture and everyday life from most talented and renoknown directors and actors.

More details about the movies to be presented soon :)



    Dress code: Casual wear


    Address: Odborů 278/4

    Presale: 5 EUR / 130CZK
    Door: 8 EUR / 200 CZK

  • Fri. 9th Candyman

    Dress code: Marine & Pilote style

    Kavárna Lucerna

    Address: Vodičkova 36, P1

    Entry: 15 EUR / 385 CZK


    Dress code: Back 2 Basic "70's and 80's style"

    Kavárna Lucerna & Gallery

    Address: Vodičkova 36, P1

    Entry: 20 EUR / 513 CZK

  • Sun. 11th AFRICAN NIGHT

    Dress code: Elegant, smart and sexy “African Inspiration”

    DUPLEX Club

    Address: Václavské nám. 831/21

    Entry: 15 EUR / 385 CZK


Summer Tropical Beats

    Prices in late July
  • 24HOUR SALE Full Pass - 50 € / 1303 CZK
  • 24HOUR SALE Party Pass - 35 € / 912 CZK
  • Prices in late August
  • Full pass - 65 € / 1691 CZK
  • JUNIOR PRICE (Isic card holders/full pass ) - 40 € / 1016 CZK
  • Party pass - 40 € / 1042 CZK
  • Day party pass (Fri. Sat or Sun - from 4pm to 9pm) - 6 € / 150 CZK
  • Night party pass (Fri. Sat or Sun) - 10 € / 250 CZK
  • Day & Night party pass (Fri. Sat. or Sun) - 15 € / 400 CZK

Prague Kizomba Festival

    Prices in late October
  • Party pass (pay 50% now and pay the rest on the spot) - 35 € / 890 CZK
  • Full pass - 100 € / 2570 CZK
  • Couple pass - 190 € / 4888 CZK
  • Party pass - 70 € / 1781 CZK
  • Full Pass (pay 50% now and pay the rest on the spot. - 50 € / 1286 CZK

Information about payments

Information about payments

**Want to pre-book your pass?!?

1 - Pay 50 % of Full-, couple - party pass now and pay the rest on the spot.

-Warning: In case of cancellation we dont refound your payment because of administrative costs.


2 - Pre-registration of Gift Crads

- Registration can be transferred to another person until one week before the start of the event.


- To confirm your pre-registration, please email your Full Name, and Gift Card Barcode Number to

- All Reservations Must Be Confirmed at least three (3) weeks in advance or prior to the festival, and all remaining balances must be paid at the door, prior to being admitted into the venue.

- This gift card is transferable up to the third week prior to the event.

- All Purchases, Partial or Full Deposits Are Non-Returnable, and Non-Refundable.*





How to buy with us

Soon also the possibility of buying different gift items...

  • Summer Gift Crad
    25 € / 675 Kč

    Summer Gift Crad

    Gift Card to Summer Tropical Beats

    Pay 25EUR for your full pass now and pay the rest on the spot.

  • BALUMUKA - Reservation or Gift CARD
    25 € / 675 Kč

    BALUMUKA - Reservation or Gift CARD

    BALUMUKA - Reservation or Gift CARD

    Prague Kizomba Festival 2018

    Pay 25EUR for your full pass now and pay the rest on the spot.


Tourist tips

In an effort to bring you the most pleasurable party and tourist experience, we have changed the hotel and party venues! Our guests will now be accommodated at the Mosaic House and Mooo Downtown Hotel. Each hotel is offering special pricing for Balumuka guests...DON'T miss out!

Both hotels are just a 5 min walk to the Mono Fono Club, our party venue, located near Vaclav Square. We encourage you to take advantage of the beautiful views off the Vltava river from there you'll have close proximity to some of Prague's most attractive touristic destinations, such as the Dancing House, Manes Cultural House, National Theatre and Charles Bridge.

Good food and drink

Where to eat?

We recommend you to try La LOCA Resturant at just in front of the Hotel registration desk "MOSAIC HOTEL". You will get 15% off discount when showing your Balumuka Festival pass.

La Loca resturant, welcome all participants with a special discount price, during the SOCIALS, do you know that the Czech beer is one of the top 5 in the world? (The beer price is 2.32 €).

Transportation in Prague

The most simple way to get to the center of the city is to come out from the airport at TERMINAL 2 exit to catch the AE Bus from the Náměstí Republiky stop of which you will get off at the Revoluční Street stop. Follow the railway line (4min walk) and next to Palladium Shopping Center is Hotel Ibis, and directly across from Hotel Ibis is the restaurant, La Republica.
Bus ticket price: 60 CZK/ 2.8 Eur on the bus or 40 Czk/ 1.46 Eur through e-shop.

Accommodation for passengers

For the comfort of our passenger we recommend you to book hotels Mosaic House and Mooo Apartment, which is located near the place of the venue and we have a special price for our guests.

  • Special price for Balumuka friends
    E-mail: Promo code: Balumuka
  • Free Wifi
  • BREAKFAST  "all you can eat" breakfast buffet @ 235 CZK/person
  • Walking distance to the main touristic attractions

Partner hotel of Festival


This year is all about GRANDA BODAS, lively festivities, and creating lasting memories with your friends. What else would you expect from a BALUMUKA event???

Shared rooms: Ideal for a group of friends who want to travel at a low cost, while in a luxurious hotel.

- Shared rooms up to 4 people, 56 EUR/ 1440 CZK/ night.
- Shared rooms up to 6 people, 72 EUR/ 1860 CZK/ night.

Private rooms (double or twin rooms); Ideal for a couple or individual who desires to have some quiet time.

- Double or twin room, 84 EUR/ 2168 CZK/ night
- Single room 75 EUR/ 1936 CZK/nigh

MOOo Apartments - MYSLIKOVA 22, 120 00 PRAGUE 2

Apartments: The apartments are directly across the street from the MOSAIC HOUSE and have luxurious rooms with a large kitchen and space to dance with your friends. Accommodates up to 3, 5 or 8 people.

- ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT Accommodates up to: 3 people, 97,62 EUR/ 2480 CZK night.
- 3kk APARTMENT, Accommodates up to: 5 people, 178EUR/ 4542 CZK night.
- PENTHOUSE, accommodates up to: 8 people, 314ERU/ 8105 CZK night.

****Please note the Mosiac House is where you will find LA LOCA CLUB, the location of the daytime socials and the after parties!!! This space is located across from the other hotel option (Mooo Downtown Hotel).


Contact informations

Phone: +420 776 865 359
Facebook: Balumuka Events

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the member of The Balumuka Project, Kizomba.CZ, our studnets and friends who have always supported us.

This event is dedicated to all of you.


Partners of Festival

These partners support us, thank you



9 - 11th of November 2018

"Experience a little taste of angola" - Prague Kizomba Festival

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